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2 déc 2023 à 21:09 Food was just ready on time so it was still warm after we brought back home.
10 aoû 2023 à 16:10 Wakame was dreadful. All helpings were sizes for hamsters, not adult human beings, at Gordon Ramsay prices.. Time and money lost. Fooled once, not twice.
2 jun 2023 à 21:38 Aucun livreur! Je suis allée la récupérer moi-même au restaurant !
23 avr 2023 à 17:53 Repas tiède dommage
6 avr 2023 à 15:36 superlekker
28 jan 2023 à 15:26 Eten was een blok noedels met wat kruimels er op gestrooid.dit was het vlees.tijd was zeer goed.
21 jun 2022 à 14:43 Delicious, as always. the mapo tofu is excellent. Only minus is the packaging - way too much packaging. I personally would order more if you guys would have more sustainable packaging, which is widely available these days! Thanks.
10 jun 2022 à 23:12 It took nearly three hours and the delivery was incomplete